Drysdale River Station

The road to Drysdale River Station can be very corrugated and will give you a sneak-preview of what it is like to go all the way to Mitchell Plateau. The station is located along the Kalumburu Road and the last civilization outpost for those visiting the remote Mitchell Plateau. Here you can fill up fuel, restock your supplies and enjoy the legendary Kimberley Beef Burger. It is a running cattle station but also offers two campgrounds as well as homestead accommodation (check-in for all at the store or bar).

Campers have the choice between two shady campgrounds, one next to the homestead, the other one 6 km from the station further up the road along the banks of the Drysdale River (look out for the sign to your right after 1.8 km on the Kalumburu Road). The beautiful stretch of water can also be visited during the day for a swim at no charge. Those wishing to leave their caravan or trailer behind while driving up to the Mitchell Plateau can do so on the basis “all care – no responsibility”. Or if you don’t dare tackling the rough road any longer, you can take a scenic flight from Drysdale to the Mitchell Plateau, Prince Regent River and the magnificent coastline in the northwest.

Drysdale River Station Kimberley Beef Burger
Don’t skip the heavenly Kimberley Beef Burgers with the lot when stopping at Drysdale River Station