Charnley River Wilderness Camp

Charnley River is another property managed by the non-profit organization Australian Wildlife Conservancy, which means the focus is on conservation, research and protecting the biodiversity of the area. Because the acquisition has been only recently you’ll see the difference to Mornington, meaning there is still quite some cattle around and the area looks a little more grazed and less wild than its sister property. Compared to Mornington, Charnley is still in its very early stage of development, but the potential is enormous as it has some of the most beautiful gorges, waterholes and countryside of the whole Kimberley. All proceeds from the station’s tourist facilities are dedicated to the conservation of endangered wildlife.

The drive to Charnley crosses a few rivers and a couple of gates, so be careful. After paying the entrance fee at reception, nature lovers can set out own their own. Options seem to be endless, from relaxing and swimming at waterholes, bush walking, or exploring stunning gorges. Recommended are at least two nights stay to get a feel for the place and overnight guests can camp at the nearby shady riverside camping area with excellent amenities. Sites can be booked ahead though there is no need as with its plenty of space Charnley also acts as an overflow campground for Mornington. This is also probably the best place to see and hear dingos.

Charnley River Wilderness Camp Lily Pools
The second one of the two Lily Pools is a beautiful oasis with a small waterfall and a gorgeous waterhole