Barnett River Gorge

Barnett River Gorge offers the only official free bush camping site along the Gibb River Road. The track to get here is very rough and not that easy to follow (follow the most used tracks when in question, usually to the right). You can either leave your car as soon as you see the river next to the track and then walk the remaining 1 km upriver, or you can venture on along an even rougher road. If you do so, you will pass bays for lunch stops or camping as well as a rock plateau. Turn left after the dip and park your car near the big Boab tree that marks the beginning of the gorge walk. The first set of stone cairns on the left will bring you to a nice part of the gorge where you can swim in clear deep pools and relax on sandy beaches. The gorge itself is not that spectacular compared to other ones in the Kimberley, but it is a relaxing place to spend some time and cool off in the water.