Gibb River Road Self-Drive Itinerary Suggestions

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Gibb River Road - Self-Drive Itinerary Suggestions

  • 87 pages
  • suggested self-drive itineraries for 4 – 29 days
  • detailed trip ideas for every single day
  • including overnight options
  • driving distance and time per day


Driving the Gibb River Road is a once in a life time experience, and a trip that will create lasting memories and make you fall in love with the dry savannah landscape of this arid region.

However, heading off into one of the last great wilderness areas in Australia requires thorough planning, especially regarding time-management. This is the main reason for our Gibb River Road — Self-Drive Itinerary Suggestions e-book: to help you get the most out of your Gibb trip.

The most common mistakes people make are overestimating travel speeds and underestimating time needed for setting up and breaking down camp, stocking up, cooking meals, or exploring expected and unexpected wonders — all in the context of the early sunsets of the region.

Our Gibb River Road self-drive itinerary suggestions e-book makes sure you get to visit as many refreshing waterholes, impressive waterfalls, ancient aboriginal sacred sites, thrilling river crossings, beautiful savannah vistas and breathtaking mountain ranges as possible to see and experience.

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